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Commercial Door and Hardware Upgrades

Edmonton Lock & Safe Can Help Modernize Style and Security in Your Building.

We don‘t just sell locks, we create beautiful hardware solutions. Edmonton Lock and Safe is made up of a team of journeyman locksmiths, certified technicians, and experienced project managers that help Edmonton businesses of all sizes protect their people and property in style.

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Your place of business should offer peace of mind, focus, and productivity for your tenants and their employees. Foster that business environment by creating confidence in your security, and a welcoming atmosphere. Edmonton Lock & Safe has beautiful doors and hardware that compliment any office or commercial décor. 

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Door Hardware Specialties

Door Closers

Door Closers from Edmonton Lock & Safe automatically close doors after use to secure from unauthorized entry, have code compliance, and save energy.

Continuous Hinges

Continuous Hinges from Edmonton Lock & Safe are also known as piano hinges, and are a heavy duty fix for sagging or slamming commercial doors.

Keyless Entry Locks

Keyless Entry Locks from Edmonton Lock & Safe provide security your building with the convenience of going keyless. Accessed by keypads or smart devices.

Exit Device Panic Bars

Exit Device Panic Bars from Edmonton Lock & Safe make exiting your building easy and intuitive at the push of a bar. Emergency exits, business exits, and more.

Door Sweeps

Door Sweeps from Edmonton Lock & Safe offer weather protection and keep out dust and insects. These are an inexpensive way to save energy and money.

Medeco 4 High Security Lock Cylinders

Medeco 4 High Security Cylinder Locks from Edmonton Lock & Safe are UL 437 listed, and protect from drilling, wrenching,

Lever Locks

Lever Locks from Edmonton Lock & Safe welcome visitors with all abilities. Replace door knobs with levers to provide easy access to your property.

Weather Strippings

Weather Strippings from Edmonton Lock & Safe protect your home or business from cold drafts, rain, snow, and wind. Weather strips save money on energy bills.

Foot Pull Door Hardware

Foot Pull Door Hardware from Edmonton Lock & Safe help reduce the spread of germs and viruses by opening doors with your feet. An inexpensive hands free option.


Deadlatches from Edmonton Lock & Safe allow for scheduling access for free entry at certain times, and exit only at others. Great for commercial application.

Full Length Astragals

Full Length Astragals from Edmonton Lock & Safe provide hardened door security and protection from pry-attacks, break-ins, and provide added weather protection.

Hip-Push & Arm Pull Paddles

Hip-Push & Arm Pull Paddles from Edmonton Lock & Safe open doors without handles or knobs, so your hands stay clean and you can carry large items through.

Tell Me More

Our journeyman locksmiths and project manages can visit your location for free and create a hardware upgrade list, budget and plan to get the job done.


We do it all, so you can focus on other things. Get a plan to update and upgrade your door hardware without any hassle.

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