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Our Edmonton safe experts can help you choose the best possible option for your safe storage requirements, whether it’s for valuable goods in your home or important documents for your business. The knowledgeable locksmith staff at Edmonton Lock & Safe Inc. understand how important it is to protect and safeguard your assets. Defend your prized and valued possessions from unforeseen calamities such as burglary or fire by installing a secure residential or commercial safe.

Safeguard Your Most Valued Possessions

When considering your options for residential or commercial safes to secure your personal belongings and information in Edmonton, it’s crucial to factor in the following: where the safe will be installed and the type of valuables stored in it. Whether you need something basic for peace of mind, or something custom that will meet a specific requirement, our safe specialists will work with you to develop the perfect security solution for your unique circumstances. From sales to installation, moving, and safe servicing, our trained safe technicians are here to help every step of the way.

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Come and visit us in our Edmonton safe store for a complimentary consultation and to see our fantastic selection of safes. If your safe is damaged, broken, or needs any type of repair, Edmonton Lock & Safe can help with that too. This includes any type of locksmith services such as general maintenance (including adjustments), lubrication, and deep cleaning. You can count on Edmonton Lock & Safe’s customer service for transparency, honesty, and reliability.

Our Service Regions

No matter what your safe needs may be, choose Edmonton Lock & Safe for total peace of mind. We also provide lock and safe service to the areas surrounding Edmonton, including Leduc, Sherwood Park, and St. Albert. Have our expert locksmith technicians service your safe at least once a year to keep your safe in working order and prevent inconvenient lockouts. In the event that you do find yourself locked out, contact us for quick and reliable servicing.
For 24-hour emergency service, call us at 780 433-9444!

Fire Safes

Protect your documents from fire with a fire-resistant safe.

Between 2010-2014, Alberta has experienced an average of 6,000 fire-based incidents a year. Protect your important documents, treasured photos and other valuables with a fire safe, and be sure that your assets are well guarded in the event of an unforeseen fire.

Residential Burglary/Fire Safes

These safes protect both your documents from fire and your valuables from theft. You can see the difference in the weight, bolt work and composition of these safes.

Deposit Safes

We have all sizes of deposit safes, from under-counter skim safes to large double door deposit safes. If it’s not in stock we will order it for you. Our safe distributors and manufacturers have many models in stock.

In-Floor Safes

In-floor safes are installed into the floor of your home or business, and add an extra layer of security by being hidden from view. Whether you are building a new home or office, or renovating your current space, your contractor or one of our trained locksmiths can install these safes for you.

Commercial Burglary Safes

There are many classifications of Commercial rated safes. Call or visit our shop and we would be pleased to explain the different classifications to determine the correct safe for your business.

Your insurance agent may also let you know what classification of safe you need in order to protect your cash and valuables based on the value you will be keeping in the safe.

Gun Safes

Protect your guns from theft and accidental use with our secure gun safes. We can help you find the gun safe that works best for you.

Manufacturers of Residential and Commercial Safes

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Inkas offers a diverse selection of custom-designed residential, commercial, luxury, and custom-designed safes to meet every level of security and fire protection requirements.

safes in Edmonton

Brawn is a trusted brand and wholesale supplier of high-security products such as fire safes, burglary safes, deposit safes, and custom safes. Brawn provides premium quality safes to our Edmonton customers to store and secure their most valuable possessions, giving them the peace of mind they deserve.


FireKing offers a full range of products from commercial drop safes & file cabinets, to complete cash management solutions.


It is extremely difficult to break into a safe with the modern lock designs on both the residential and commercial safes that we carry. A thief will most likely try to remove a safe from its location rather than break into it on-site. A safe that is bolted or otherwise attached to the home structure can’t be removed from the premises without extensive and noticeable damage (and a reasonably significant investment of time).

A low-traffic or difficult-to-find part of your house is the best place for a safe, such as a basement space, guest bedroom or a coat closet. A safe should be attached to the structure of the house, and concealed behind a door or panel such as a cabinet door that blends into the surroundings.

If you are installing a fire safe, we recommend installing it in a corner where two outside walls meet.

You should always look for fire and water-resistant safes. Choose one that is heavy, and large enough to fit all the items you intend to store. Look for a safe with bolt-down kits for extra security. Some safes are rated by how much time is needed to break into them with common tools. For example, a TL-15 rated safe is designed to provide up to 15 minutes of resistance to an attempted device break-in.