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Locksmith Services Edmonton

We understand the feeling of vulnerability - you might be worried about damage or loss of property, or that your people's safety may be at risk.

Protect your home or business and you'll overcome those worries. Edmonton Lock & Safe has helped thousands of Albertans feel safe and confident. Get the #FeelingOfSafety that comes with being a protector - for your family, your business, and be proud that you succeeded in securing what matters to you. We're ready to help you create a plan. Call us today, or explore our services below.

We're available 24/7 to help you.

Locksmith Services

Locksmith Services

At Edmonton Lock & Safe we understand the feeling of vulnerability, and that your people or property may be at risk when they aren't secured from unauthorized or unwanted access. We have helped thousands of Edmontonians who have felt the same way, and they found that working with Edmonton Lock & Safe enabled them to feel safe and confident because they protected their people and property, and they became proud of their success and were ready to take on new challenges. Contact us to explore how and if we may be able to help.

Door Services

Door Services

Edmonton Lock & Safe are Edmonton's door experts, and we work with property managers, home owners, and business owners who have frustrations with doors that rub, don't close properly, are stuck shut, that slam, or have other issues such as missing weather stripping or have become unsecure. We service all kinds of doors, from standard manual doors to automatic doors, sliding doors, revolving doors, and handi-cap doors. We've never met a door we couldn't fix or replace for our clients. Get in touch with us today to create a plan to get your doors working again.


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