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Automotive Dealership Locksmith Services Edmonton

Automotive or car dealerships often look to Edmonton Lock & Safe to assist with their needs, such as re-keying used inventory, including ignitions, to supplying additional keys, or replacing transponder or remote keys. Often that type of repair requires locksmith expertise or it can lead to protracted shop time and sometimes wasted materials. If disappointing customers is something you need to avoid, Edmonton Lock & Safe may be worth exploring as a potential partner.

We specialize in re-keys, ignitions, transponder and remote keys, duplications, and more for vehicles of most types. We may also assist your dealership with preventing break-ins, welcoming people of all abilities with automatic handi-cap or touchless doors, controlling inventory access, and more.

Contact us today to discuss your ideas or concerns, and our experts can work with you to create a plan for your dealership to partner with us for all your security hardware needs.

We're available 24/7 to help you.

Re-Keying & Re-Coding Locks

Re-Keying & Re-Coding Locks

Re-keying or re-coding the locks at your Edmonton business is an essential part of securing access to your building. If your business has lost keys, has had some stolen, or perhaps you've lent some out to employees or contractors and just need to re-start to get some control, Edmonton Lock & Safe can help.

While installing new locks may be tempting as an initial thought, the cost of installing new locks every time you lose a key or have some attrition, it can become an expensive system to try to keep up with. If it gets expensive, you'll be tempted to put up with the risk of doing nothing. There is a better way!

Re-keying allows you to simply change the tumblers in your lock cylinders so old keys stop working and you control access to your building.

Re-keying is less expensive than replacing locks, it's faster - so you minimize interruption to your business and have lower site visit costs, and it's convenient - you will no longer need to carry many different keys for different locks. We can customize your locks for various access requirements.

Contact our experts today to explore how re-keying your locks will save you time, money, and give you the confidence that your building is secure.

Master Key System Design and Management

Master Key System Design and Management

Control who accesses your property down to each room with a Master key system designed by our locksmiths at Edmonton Lock & Safe. Master key systems are a vital security measure for property and business owners who have many people using locks and keys, and are designed to fit the hierarchy you have in place.

By coding keys according to a hierarchy, a select few people can access all doors, a larger number can access some doors, and the largest number can access only a few select doors. This is a great master key system for property owners and businesses who need to control who accesses what areas, and offers autonomy and confidence to the people who use them.

We can design your system to work on non-restricted and restricted keys, the latter of which cannot be duplicated by anyone but authorized individuals, creating greater key control.

Certified, journeyman Locksmiths from Edmonton Lock & Safe can design master keys systems to work with cylinder locks, padlocks, cam and cabinet locks, mortice locks or any combination of these locks- so you can be confident that your controlled access system works across your entire property.

Restricted keyway master key systems are patented for a maximum period of up to 20 years, protecting your property from unauthorized key duplication until the patent runs out. The longer your patent lasts, the better - providing you with total peace of mind for years to come before requiring an updated system.

Our experts are ready to assist you in creating your custom master key plan for your Edmonton business. Reach out to start the discussion, create a plan, and achieve your security goals with Edmonton Lock & Safe.

Key Cutting, Duplication, and Coding

Key Cutting, Duplication, and Coding

Lost keys, stolen keys, or keys that need re-keying can create stress and allow unauthorized access to your property. Edmonton Lock & Safe understands the need to control access for safety and security reasons. We have cut, copied and re-coded thousands of keys for Edmontonns and we can help you today. Visit our showroom or call us today to get expert service and advice.

Break In Prevention and Repair

Break In Prevention and Repair

Break-ins are an unfortunate reality in Edmonton, and Edmonton Lock & Safe understands the feelings of fear, anxiety and frustration that come with it. If you've experienced a break in, talk to our security experts. We have helped thousands Edmontonns secure their properties and protect their people, and we can advise you on how to bolster security, prevent break-ins, and give you confidence that you control who enters your property and when.


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