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Re-Keying & Re-Coding Locks

Re-Keying & Re-Coding Locks

Re-keying or re-coding the locks at your Edmonton business is an essential part of securing access to your building. If your business has lost keys, has had some stolen, or perhaps you've lent some out to employees or contractors and just need to re-start to get some control, Edmonton Lock & Safe can help.

While installing new locks may be tempting as an initial thought, the cost of installing new locks every time you lose a key or have some attrition, it can become an expensive system to try to keep up with. If it gets expensive, you'll be tempted to put up with the risk of doing nothing. There is a better way!

Re-keying allows you to simply change the tumblers in your lock cylinders so old keys stop working and you control access to your building.

Re-keying is less expensive than replacing locks, it's faster - so you minimize interruption to your business and have lower site visit costs, and it's convenient - you will no longer need to carry many different keys for different locks. We can customize your locks for various access requirements.

Contact our experts today to explore how re-keying your locks will save you time, money, and give you the confidence that your building is secure.

We're available 24/7 to help you.

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