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Padlocks & Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO)

Padlocks have come a long way from the lock that once hung on your middle school gym locker. With new technologies, you can keep an audit of who has opened the lock and when, greatly mitigating your exposure to loss. Combined with superior hardened alloys and weatherproof cases, the padlocks of today are reliable and hardworking. No longer do you need to carry massive key rings, padlocks can be part of your key system and even master keyed.Get in touch with Edmonton Lock & Safe for assistance setting up your current padlock and LOTO setup.

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Medeco XT Intelligent Key Eco-System

Medeco XT Intelligent Key Eco-System

The Medeco XT Eco-System from Edmonton Lock & Safe consists of a robust electronic locking and access control system that is managed by state-of-the-art web-based system software. XT overcomes your current keying issues by keeping your security high even if someone loses a key. XT also adds access control capability in hard to reach areas such as safes, cabinets, remote gates--basically any place you would use a padlock.


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