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Break-In Response, Repair and Prevention Edmonton

Your first call is the police. Your second call is Edmonton Lock & Safe.

We understand the feelings of invasion, fear and frustration that come with a break-in. Most importantly we know you want your safety restored quickly and may need help protecting yourself from future attacks. Our expert security team can help you repair and protect your property.

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It's natural to feel vulnerable after a break-in. After contacting police, your next call should be Edmonton Lock & Safe. We respond quickly and can restore security to your property and help protect you from future break-ins. Nothing compares to the feeling of safety, and we help provide it to hundreds of thousands of Albertans every year.

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Break-In Response

1. Get to safety. 

As soon as you realize someone has broken in to your property, leave immediately with all people and animals. It's possible a burglar is still on the property and could put you in danger. Go to a safe place. Do not touch anything in your home, as police will need to collect evidence that may help them catch the culprit.

2. Call the police.

Contact the police to determine the next safe steps to returning to your home. File a report and work with the police to make a list of all stolen and damaged property. Take pictures throughout your home to document damage. This may be an emotional time, so having the police or a support person with you can be very helpful.


Save any home security footage you may have and share it with law enforcement. 

3. Call Edmonton Lock & Safe.

Contact Edmonton Lock & Safe to re-enforce security at your home, including upgrading to more secure doors, locks, and other security points on your home. We respond quickly and understand that restoring your safety and confidence is paramount. Call us now at 780-433-9444.

4. Call your insurance company.

File a claim for all your missing and damaged property. Most insurance companies require you to call within 24 hours of the incident, and some may need to visit your property to survey the damage and loss. Ask before cleaning up your property as the adjuster may want to see your property as the culprits left it. It may be helpful to stay away from the property until the assessment if possible.

5. Clean up.

Once you have approval from your insurance company to begin clean up, it will be time to replace damaged entry points on your home and to replace stolen items. You may need to repair and paint walls and restore the arrangement of your furniture. 

6. Notify your bank.

If you notice financial documents or financial items like credit cards are missing, notify your bank so they can be on alert for suspicious activity.

7. Notify your neighbors.

Let your neighbors know that you were the victim of a break-in. 65% of people know their burglar, so it is possible one of the neighbors knows who the offender is. Help your neighbors stay vigilant by making them aware of the crime.

8. Seek support.

Break-ins often leave their victims with a sense of fear and anxiety at their property. Talk to your family and friends about the incident, and about how you're planning to prevent a future break-in. Seek additional support if needed.

Break-ins are stressful experiences. Try to exercise patience both with the logistical next steps and any emotions you may be processing. Remember, investing in security for your property is the best way to prevent future break-ins.

If you've experienced a break-in, we understand they can be frightening. Follow these steps to protect yourself and restore your safety.

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Our journeyman locksmiths are standing by 24/7, 365 days a year to support our community when break-ins occur.

We can help survey the damage and strengthen security at your home. We recommend efficient solutions that help our customers restore the feeling of safety at their properties.

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